Alison Weare

Volunteer Story

I joined SNAP Cymru at the end of August in 2015. Previously I had worked and volunteered in Ysgol Crug Glas and their play-scheme and I went to university studying BA Hons Disability Studies. I grew up as one of the main carers for my younger brother who is autistic so was always interested in this line of work

As soon as I saw what SNAP Cymru did, I instantly wanted to look at volunteering. When I came to the SNAP office I met one of the Family and Young person’s officer and then I was hooked.

My role is an Independent Parental Supporter and my day to day role is to speak and meet families that we support, and help prepare them for school meetings, sometimes support them by attending and being an ear for the parents to speak too.

I also attend the Mental Health forum, The Swansea Providers forum and the Children and Young People’s forum, representing SNAP and working with other charities.

Before I came to SNAP due to being very poorly I had little confident, was very anxious and felt hopeless as am not well enough to work, but SNAP has really changed my life in a positive way. It feels like a family here in the office because the staff are always there to help and support me. They always have faith in my abilities and give me more responsibility as they nurture me through the work I do. As well as my local office, other members of staff from different areas are very supportive also. It really is like a charity.

SNAP Cymru has really helped me and I am honoured to be able to say that I volunteer for such an amazing charity.

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