Anthony Owen

Volunteer Story

I have been volunteering with SNAP Cymru for six months. The reason I started volunteering was because I have a ten year old son with autism, and I gave up work to look after him. Now I’d like to go into Social Care work. I am currently studying Access to Health & Social Care, but I have been out of work for a long time, so I took up volunteering in order to improve my skills and increase my experience.

I work in the Neath office doing casework – supporting families with the education system, and any problems they might have. I also work on the telephone helpline as a family’s first point of call, and I take pride in working with families who don’t know what help us available, and being able to pass on knowledge and examples from my own experience, the training I have been given, and the knowledge I have gained working as a volunteer.

When I’m ready to start full-time work, I know I will have gained a lot of knowledge and experience that I can take forward in to the work environment. One word to describe my experience? Fantastic – I love what I do!

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