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A warm welcome our new NEC volunteer – Peter Hosking

Actually Peter isn’t really new, he has been involved with SNAP Cymru for almost 20 years, firstly as a parent who received advice and support to ensure his daughters special educational needs were met and then he came on board as a as a trained Independent Parent Support volunteer and was one of the first to participate in our accredited IPS training.  When a vacancy occurred we were thrilled that Peter was appointed as a Development Officer for SNAP covering a large part of Mid Wales and later became the our All Wales Training Manager.

Peter lives near Swansea and has four, now adult, children. A fifth child, Bethan, was born with a life limiting condition and has passed away. Previously he worked for many years in education, both in secondary schools and universities in Wales as well as in the Middle East.

We were delighted when Peter left SNAP in 2001 to become the first Policy Officer with the newly established Children’s Commissioner for Wales.  However, his contact with SNAP continued as the Children’s Commissioners office signposted callers to SNAP.

The reform of SEN/ALN policy is one of Peter’s major interests, particularly the introduction of the children’s right of appeal to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal for Wales.

Peter says that:

“Being a parent of a child with special educational needs can be confusing and frustrating without the proper support.  The great value of SNAP is not just that they help to arrange the support a child needs but they challenge the preconceptions of parents and encourage them to consider those who control resources as partners – rather than adversaries – in getting the right provision.  This relieves a great deal of stress for both parents and local authority staff.

The current financial situation means that resources in local authorities are at an even greater premium – a situation that is likely to worsen over the coming years.  The role of SNAP Cymru in providing mediation between parents and local authority staff is even more necessary – while becoming even more difficult.”

Peter decided to re-join SNAP Cymru as a member of our NEC following his retirement from the Commissioner’s office.

We couldn’t be more pleased to have Peter back on board!

SNAP Cymru debuts first Charity Shop

On May 31st 2014, SNAP Cymru threw open the doors of our first boutique charity shop.

Based in Llandrindod Wells, the shop seeks to raise money for SNAP to further support those young people, families and parents who are most in need of it.

And this could only be the beginning. SNAP Cymru will hopefully be opening more shops all across Wales, each helping to raise profits for the charity, and improve the support we are able to provide.

Collectively, charity shops make £300m, so the new shop promises to be a great assistance to SNAP’s funding. Recent reports also suggest that having high street shops increase the likelihood of the public donating to the charity, with “a fifth of people said going a charity shop led them to support the organisation in other ways, such a donating money, finding out more about the charity’s word, or signing petitions.”

Also, think-tank Demos has said that charity shops also benefit the wider community, as well as those the charity immediately affects. Volunteer positions have been used as routes into getting the unemployed back into paid work, and the shops themselves used as “a form of community centre for older and vulnerable people to simply “drop in” for a chat.”

With all these benefits and more, it is no wonder that SNAP are eagerly anticipating the debut of this latest venture. But of course, the shop would be nothing without help. We are on the look-out for good quality items to add to our stock, including second-hand clothes (particularly ladies vintage), fashion accessories (jewellery, hats, furs etc.), ornaments, CDs and DVDs, second-hand furniture, or anything else you think may be of use to us.

We are also on the hunt for enthusiastic volunteers to help staff our shop and make it a lively, friendly environment for customers. Whatever time you can donate would be very much appreciated. For more information on either volunteering or donating, please see the contact information below.

Since 1986, SNAP Cymru has worked with families and professionals in schools, education, health and social care to help ensure that children and young people’s needs are identified and assessed and provision is made to help them reach their potential and be fully included.

SNAP Cymru Charity Shop

Elizabeth House, Middleton Street, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 5DG

Tel: 01597 825289