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ALN Bill Scrutiny

The ALN Bill has begun its scrutiny by the Children, Young People and Education committee before being debated by the National Assembly. The committee is currently seeking views  from those who are affected by the proposed changes.
The Welsh Government will publish an ALN code that will support people to work in accordance with the new law. The code will be published to support the scrutiny of the Bill in February.


The National Assembly for Wales have published a research briefing that provides more information on ALN in Wales and the process thus far.


You can also read the Bill and Explanatory Memorandum on the National Assembly for Wales website. The Explanatory Memorandum includes an overview of the Bill (see pages 27 – 42) and a section on changes made to the draft version of the Bill (see pages 47-59).

SNAP Cymru telephone helpline experiencing unprecedented demand

The SNAP Cymru telephone helpline is currently under extreme pressure – with the unprecedented demand showing no sign of easing. This is exasperated by the higher than usual number of staff off with seasonal colds and flu. This is likely to continue in the coming weeks.

People are encouraged to ‘do their bit’ to reduce pressure on the helpline by completing the ‘Get Help’ Enquiry Form and submitting it rather than phoning the helpline. One of our trained advisers will send you a reply by email (or call you back if requested). We aim to provide you with the relevant information within five working days.

The Advice section of our website also contains lots of information including template letters and advice sheets.