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SNAP Cymru family and young peoples officers achieve success in mediation training

SNAP Cymru is committed to promoting disagreement resolution and mediation to support a less adversarial system and more consensual approach to decision making planning.  Having worked with families and professionals for 30 years we are only too aware of the excessive personal cost in stress, time and money caused by disagreement, lack of effective communication and unresolved conflict.   Whilst disagreement is a natural part of relationships, disagreements that are resolved effectively can be a source for stronger relationships.

We aim to provide practical and accessible support to bring together the relevant parties to achieve early and informal resolution of disagreements through discussion and agreement; used early they can prevent the need for more formal mediation and appeals to the Tribunal, and lead to a quicker resolution of any disagreements, save significant time and money, and minimise disruption to the child or young person’s learning.

With the biggest shake up of special education in 30 years and proposals for fundamental change to the law to provide support for children and young people, we want to ensure those at the heart of the process continue to navigate the system effectively and have a positive experiences throughout a period of change.

To support this change and ensure that our service is delivered to nationally recognised standards and in accordance with Welsh Government legislation and guidance, we are delighted that all SNAP Cymru Family and Young People’s Officers have recently completed Level 4 accredited training in mediation.

This rewarding training is a welcome professional extension to their existing experience.  Avoiding and resolving disputes is challenging work which requires a high degree of skill.  The training accredited by AGORED Cymru was designed to meet European Standards on mediation and demonstrates that our Family and Young People’s Officers understand the theory and practice of mediation; understand conflict management strategies and the dynamics of conflict with particular emphasis on conflict within additional learning needs. The training included enhanced communication and evaluation skills, developing options and addressing impasses, which build on the motivational interviewing and solution focussed training completed previously.  We’re delighted with their success, the Mediation training enhanced our staff’s proven abilities and brought their talents to the surface.

A level 4 accreditation is a significant level and requires commitment and engagement from learners, which our staff more than met.  We are very proud of each one of them. Denise Inger CEO