30 PARK PLACE Chambers is running their hugely popular Welsh Education Law Conference again this year. The conference will take place online, covering eight areas of insight for local authorities, the general public, schools, health authorities and lawyers – including the impact of new legislation.

The annual conference usually takes place in person but this year, due to the current Covid- 19 restrictions governing events in Wales, Legal News Wales will support chambers in hosting the event, split across two lunchtime sessions on the 16th and 23rd June 2021 (1-2:45pm).

Donations for SNAP Cymru

In lieu of an attendance fee this year, 30 PARK PLACE are very kindly asking all those that can make a donation to SNAP Cymru to support the work we do. (Recommended donation fee of £5 pp). To make a donation, please visit: justgiving.com/snapcymru.

We are very grateful for every single gift that we receive. 30 PARK PLACE’s support and any donation received will go a long way to help us help families, children and young people with additional learning needs.

Programme & Speakers

Day one: 16th June, 13:00 – 14:45

Overview of the new legislation  what has come into force and when it will be implemented: Laura Shepherd, Barrister, 30 Park Place

The new legislation – what schools have to do – including fee paying schools: Melissa Jones, Barrister, 30 Park Place

The new legislation – what local authorities have to do: Laura Shepherd, Barrister, 30 Park Place

Day two: 23th June, 13:00 – 14:45

The new legislation – what education professionals have to do (ALNCOs and EPs): Melissa Jones, Barrister, 30 Park Place

The new legislation – what parents have to do: Abla O’Callaghan, Barrister, 30 Park Place

The new legislation – what FEs have to do: Michael Imperato, Partner & Head of Public & Administrative Law, Watkins & Gunn

The new legislation – what health authorities have to do: Abla O’Callaghan, Barrister, 30 Park Place

The new Education Tribunal regulations: Mark Allen, Barrister & Head of the Education Team, 30 Park Place.

WELC 2021 will be hosted via Zoom, by Legal News Wales. Useful information on the platform and accessing the event is listed below.
for more info see Welsh Education Law Conference 2021 | 30 Park Place Chambers
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