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SNAP Cymru welcomes Jane McCann to the team

Jane has recently joined SNAP Cymru as a Families and Young Persons Support Worker and it goes without saying that the whole team have been happy to welcome her. Jane has previously lectured on law in Swansea. After having children she then gave talks to school children, cubs and others about guide dogs, disability and blindness, helping them learn to read and offering welfare rights advice.

As she explained when I sat down to talk to her, having special needs herself and experience of her son being bullied made SNAP Cymru the perfect place to join.

‘My son was quite badly bullied at school and suffered from anxiety, which made me aware of the need of a service like that offered by SNAP. Also, many of my friends had children with additional needs. With my legal background, I thought I would find it both interesting and fulfilling and I thought that once I got to grips with the subject matter, I could be useful’.

Another positive aspect of the organisation she highlighted during our talk was its positive and inclusive nature, adding

‘The training offered has been fantastic, it makes me feel that I might be able to do the work!’

The most rewarding aspect part of her time here so far has been to meet families themselves and being directly involved in helping to resolve their difficulties. Her new role has involved assisting one family with two sons who have been struggling with additional learning needs at school and Jane hopes she can do the same with more families in the future as she gains more experience.

Her 9 year old guide dog, Peggy, has been a huge hit in the office and the source of many conversations. As Jane says

‘She makes me far more confident and able to go out independently. I still have to ask people for guidance and help when I am out, but it is much easier to do so when she is with me. She is very empowering. She also gets everyone talking to me – they really want to talk to her, but I get to meet lots of lovely people because I am with her’!