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Could You Help?

Would you be interested in supporting families of children with Special Educational Needs by training to be a volunteer telephone helpline advisor?

If you have time to offer, you’ll gain valuable skills and experience and be part of a team making a real difference to children and families who need us.

You’ll be trained and develop the skills needed to offer support and practical advice to the many families who call us for help.

As a telephone helpline advisor volunteer you would:

• Listen to families and build up a clear picture of what is happening
• Listen to children and promote the child’s view
• Help families’ complete forms and write letters if needed
• Help parents/carers to express their views and communicate with schools and local authorities
• Explain rights and responsibilities
• Help families prepare for meetings, understand the assessment process and the roles of professionals
• Find further sources of information, support and advice to provide to families

The next training course will be in Swansea during July.

If you have past experience as a parent or as a professional in education, health or social care, or are passionate about supporting other families… why not come and meet us for a chat at out Telephone helpline coffee morning.

When: 21st of June at 10.30 am
Where: SNAP Cymru, Acorn Business Centre, 250 Carmarthen Road, Swansea SA1 1HG

It’s incredibly rewarding!

For more information contact us on 01792 457305
Click here for more information: and see the details for Telephone Helpline Volunteer

SNAP Cymru family and young peoples officers achieve success in mediation training

SNAP Cymru is committed to promoting disagreement resolution and mediation to support a less adversarial system and more consensual approach to decision making planning.  Having worked with families and professionals for 30 years we are only too aware of the excessive personal cost in stress, time and money caused by disagreement, lack of effective communication and unresolved conflict.   Whilst disagreement is a natural part of relationships, disagreements that are resolved effectively can be a source for stronger relationships.

We aim to provide practical and accessible support to bring together the relevant parties to achieve early and informal resolution of disagreements through discussion and agreement; used early they can prevent the need for more formal mediation and appeals to the Tribunal, and lead to a quicker resolution of any disagreements, save significant time and money, and minimise disruption to the child or young person’s learning.

With the biggest shake up of special education in 30 years and proposals for fundamental change to the law to provide support for children and young people, we want to ensure those at the heart of the process continue to navigate the system effectively and have a positive experiences throughout a period of change.

To support this change and ensure that our service is delivered to nationally recognised standards and in accordance with Welsh Government legislation and guidance, we are delighted that all SNAP Cymru Family and Young People’s Officers have recently completed Level 4 accredited training in mediation.

This rewarding training is a welcome professional extension to their existing experience.  Avoiding and resolving disputes is challenging work which requires a high degree of skill.  The training accredited by AGORED Cymru was designed to meet European Standards on mediation and demonstrates that our Family and Young People’s Officers understand the theory and practice of mediation; understand conflict management strategies and the dynamics of conflict with particular emphasis on conflict within additional learning needs. The training included enhanced communication and evaluation skills, developing options and addressing impasses, which build on the motivational interviewing and solution focussed training completed previously.  We’re delighted with their success, the Mediation training enhanced our staff’s proven abilities and brought their talents to the surface.

A level 4 accreditation is a significant level and requires commitment and engagement from learners, which our staff more than met.  We are very proud of each one of them. Denise Inger CEO

Inclusive Play training proves to be a great success

SNAP Cymru, in partnership with Groundwork Wales Sustainable Play Programme, have been delivering free training on Inclusive Play as part of the Welsh Government Children’s and Families Delivery Grant.

Inclusive play is primarily about all children and young people having equal access to – and equal participation in – local play, childcare and leisure opportunities. Having choice and the right to choose freely.

 “Play is a vital part of a child’s upbringing and development which benefits   their health, happiness and well-being. I am very proud the Welsh Government took the lead on this issue, making Wales the first nation in the UK to legislate on play.’’

Lesley Griffiths AM, Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty

However, despite the range of legislation and guidance supporting the child’s right to play and to be included, disabled children still face many barriers, both social and environmental. Environmental barriers that exclude children with impairments, such as uneven surfaces and narrow gates, can easily be changed. Social barriers such as fear, embarrassment and lack of confidence amongst providers also need to be tackled so that an accessible play space is also an inclusive one in which disabled children and their families feel welcome.

To support sustainable and inclusive play opportunities, the  Welsh Government have provided a Children’s and Families Delivery grant to SNAP Cymru in Partnership with Groundwork to increase the accessibility and quality of children’s outdoor play opportunities in areas of high deprivation. Over 11,500 children are expected to be involved in the programme’s play activities delivered by Groundwork, with SNAP Cymru providing specialist support and training to widen participation and access for all.

Everyone regardless of background, age, gender, ability should have the same opportunities in life to explore and achieve. To support this ethos we believe in the social model of disability. In other words, disability is a socially created problem and it is up to all of us to make the environmental and attitudinal changes necessary to allow for the full participation of people with disabilities in all areas of social life.  SNAP Cymru’s intention throughout the project has been to support play providers across Wales to consider the ways in which we all think about disability and impairment and how this can colour our decision making. We hope providers will see that they can develop a wide range of activities for children with different needs.

Last year we delivered 30 courses across Wales in twelve different counties and we will be delivering another 60 over the next two years. As well as delivering to different Local Authority play development teams, we have provided several sessions for PACEY for their registered Childminders and Early Years Providers across Wales, the GISDA Rhieni Ifanc project for young single parents in Gwynedd, other private nurseries and we are now forming a partnership with Cardiff City FC Foundation for staff and volunteer training for their inclusive football sessions.

We have been thrilled with the responses we have received so far. Here’s some feedback from participants:

“My outlook towards disability now completely different”

“The course has dramatically changed my approach to working with people with disabilities”, “I can now think of lots of different activities for children of all different abilities”

“Will now assess my own anxieties in regard to risk taking to allow a more healthy and inclusive approach”

“One of the activities was the most powerful activities I’ve ever taken part in – fantastic way to show importance of listening to families and & multi-agency communication”

We have three different courses we are running – ‘Disability Awareness’ (which can be accredited by Agored Cymru), ‘Healthy Risk Taking’ and ‘All Children Can Play’ – see our training page for further details on each.

The courses are free and can be delivered across Wales in both Welsh and English. They are particularly suited to new rather than experienced play workers and the courses can be adapted for all settings and age groups.

Please contact us at or call 01554 778288 to book a course. Places are filling up fast and are limited, so contact us as soon as possible in order to secure sessions for your play workers.

Success for SNAP

SNAP Cymru Family and Young Person’s officers are the first in Wales to achieve Level 4 Key Working Accreditation.

  • Parents who contact us often say they face a ‘constant battle’ to find out about what services are available to them. They also say they struggle to get professionals to understand their situation and to obtain recognition of their own knowledge of their child……… ………Our staff have always understood this, but when we became involved with the development of the Level 4, Key Working training, we knew we wanted our Family and Young People’s Officers to be the first in Wales to achieve this new exciting AGORED Cymru accreditation. We know that key- working and person centred planning approaches are a great way of supporting children, young people and their families to get from where they are, to where they want to be

    Caroline Rawson Assistant Director


Amanda Daniels, SNAP’s Training Manager says:

“We’re delighted with this success. The key Working training enhanced our staff’s proven abilities and brought their talents to the surface. The training helped staff understand the national context for key working and person centred planning approaches. A level 4 accreditation is a significant level and requires commitment and engagement from learners, which our staff more than met.

Our staff already embrace the family’s experience, but this training helped them re- focus on how to use the family’s strengths to solve problems and build resilience. It reinforced SNAP Cymru’s aim to promote co-ordinated approaches to working with services and agencies, keeping the family and child at the centre.”

The training built on the excellent Motivational Interviewing training delivered by Viv Mumby ( which SNAP staff attended earlier this year and the Outcome Focused Intervention Training they will attend in September.
SNAP Cymru are qualified to deliver and accredit the Key Working training and the Level 4 Award, ‘Working with Children with Additional Needs and their Families’. Both courses are based on PCP approaches and the Early Support principles are embedded throughout the training. For further information and enquiries about these courses please contact: or