Families First

Families First is a Welsh Government funded programme aimed at supporting families living in, or at risk of falling into, poverty.

Working with the whole family

The best way of supporting children, particularly those living in poverty, is by working with the whole family. Evidence suggests that early support can reduce the likelihood of families developing more complicated and costly needs.

Families need different support depending on their circumstances. Complicated problems need more intensive support. However, some families may need help to overcome smaller problems to avoid them escalating. Supporting a family often involves many different teams and services its essential that these services work well together so that the family is well supported. Families’ First programs hope to support

  • People in low income families gain employment
  • Children and young people who live in poverty achieve their potential
  • Children Young people and their families to be healthy and enjoy well-being.
  • And to ensure Families are confident, nurturing, resilient and safe

SNAP Cymru promotes coordinated, partnership approaches to working with services and agencies, keeping the family, child or young person firmly at the centre.  Our Families First projects complement our other areas of work with families in the following areas:

  • Cardiff
  • Merthyr
  • Gwynedd
  • Swansea
  • Anglesey