Alison Weare

Volunteer Story

I joined SNAP Cymru three years ago, a year after retiring from teaching. I had previous knowledge of SNAP while I was a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator in school. I met one of the Families and Young Persons’ Officers, and I was impressed with the way she carried out her duties. She asked me if I would join after I had retired.

I am an Independent Parental Supporter, mostly in primary schools, because I was a primary school Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. I work in the Swansea office.

I have had the opportunity to represent SNAP Cymru on the Special Educational Needs and Education Other Than At School Panels and I am enjoying this new experience.

I was nominated for an award in the Swansea Bay Adult Volunteer of the Year category, and I was lucky enough to reach the finals. Although I did not win, it actually meant more to me to have been valued and considered for an award in the first place.

The personal development of my computer skills since I have been with SNAP has been amazing. SNAP has a very supportive team, with good working relationships where we can all share our knowledge. All volunteers feel welcome and valued – part of a local team and the larger family of SNAP.

In my volunteering role, I am able to put my previous knowledge of SEN to good use, and I continue to find this work most rewarding.

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