Meinir Williams

Volunteer Story

Having retired as an Additional Needs Co-ordinator in a secondary school, I’m really pleased to be able to continue to use my experience in this area – particularly since the volunteering is on my doorstop.  Volunteering in an area that you’re familiar with gives personal satisfaction, a sense of being ​​valued and of being part of something worthwhile – and still allows plenty of time to follow other interests!

I was very aware of the work of SNAP Cymru from my previous job before I retired, so there was no big shock in my expectations.  That said, ALN  links many agencies and public services – some of which I had not been so involved in the past and many which were new to me.

I have learned a great deal about the range of issues that arise within ALN and I continue to learn – from parents, colleagues, education providers / public services and the third sector.

Above all, I have never felt isolated since I started volunteering with SNAP Cymru.  If there is a question that needs to be answered or advice is needed then that support is offered in a supportive and positive environment.

My responsibilities vary. I can be part of a moderation panel in an education authority, supporting parents in school meetings or doing administrative work in an office.

That what’s nice about the work, every day of volunteering is different and bring its own pleasure.

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