The SNAP Cymru team have been hard at working raising money to support the ever increasing demand for the services that SNAP Cymru offer to families and young people all over Wales.

They have been bag packing in Morrison’s in Caerphilly raising £180.68, and no doubt putting a smile on many a flustered parent’s face. They have also been busy getting involved in more social fund raising events by holding a pool tournament which included football cards and a raffle to raise a further £154.50. And a special thank you to Gareth Gatch & Chris at The White Dragon Inn who arranged the event and even provided a Steiff Bear for the name the teddy event.

Not stopping there, they have also held name the teddy and even a name the dog event to raise a further £165! The team have been very eager to involve all members of families in the fund raising efforts, and have included our favorite four legged family members and to that end have been doing a sponsored Dog Walk to raise a further £16.50.

Of course the most important people in helping to fund for our service remains our supporters. One Parent from Caerphilly has been doing just that and her company DAS and workmates have donated a massive £275 with further cheques expected in the near future. So we would like to offer our thanks to DAS for their great fund raising efforts.

Even with this amount of money raised, to continue offering our range of services for families and young people we still need your help. To get involved please visit our Get Involved page, or help us with our recently launched Foreign Coin Collection.

Most importantly thank you to all our staff, volunteers and supporters for your continued hard work and support, without which our services would not be possible.