SNAP Cymru exists to make Wales a place where children and young people with additional learning needs have the same opportunities as everyone else. We provide support, information and advice to thousands of families each year to families like Kian, Kayah’s and Gabriella’s

Gabriella’s story

Dear SNAP Cymru
I am writing this to express my gratitude to SNAP Cymru in these unusual times, for being so caring and supportive. It has truly helped me and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them.

Who would have thought we would be living through a pandemic. None of us expected it and none of us were prepared, it has been frightening and emotionally jarring. I especially have felt anxious as I became a new mother just before lockdown.

However SNAP Cymru have helped me feel supported with regular phone calls, offering help wherever I needed and where it was possible.
I was sent a wonderfully put together activity pack to keep my Son Kian busy, and to help him better understand his emotions about the situation we all find ourselves in. He is becoming a wonderful big brother to his little sister Kayah and I feel that teaching him the ability to talk about his emotions has helped. There were techniques I wouldn’t have thought of in the pack.

Before the pandemic my son was demonstrating difficult behaviour at school. The headmaster of that school said that my son wasn’t suited for their school. As a parent I felt I needed to move him to a different school. I moved him to a different school but the behaviour continued. I looked everywhere for help and was told about SNAP Cymru by my Health visitor. I had support from SNAP Cymru before and at every meeting, which was amazing.
A lady called Teresa knew absolutely everything about the procedures and how the school could help my son to move forward. Without her I would have been entirely lost. I admired how informed she was and how she would pose question to myself and the school staff and explore options for us all. I needed SNAP Cymru and I know I will need them even more so in the future when we find ourselves faced with our ‘new normal’.

Without funding, SNAP Cymru wouldn’t be there to help parents like me face daunting situations. I am entirely unaware of my rights as a parent and the rights of my son or what support he is entitled to. They’re hard working, professional people and are fantastic at what they do. Thank you SNAP Cymru for everything you are doing and have done for me and my little family.
Yours Sincerely,

Miss Gabriella Elliott

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