Sharing your experiences, the challenges you’ve overcome and any support we have provided, can help us in so many ways: when we talk to parents to reassure them they’re not alone and show what you can achieve with the right support.

When you tell us about your experiences including any help you have received from SNAP Cymru, we can share your stories to help even more families across Wales. This lovely feedback was sent to us this week from Bethan who was looking for an appropriate placement for her son David. We were thrilled to read it.

Maybe you used our Helpline or website for advice on a difficult situation or had more in-depth casework support from us.  We’d love to hear from you. If we have supported you, tell us how and why you got involved with us and how it helped.  You can use the feedback form on the contact page or let your local family and young peoples officer know.  

We love hearing from you.  

Bethan’s story

To whom it may concern,

 I am writing to express my upmost gratitude for the help I have received from SNAP Cymru and Donna Morgan.  Below is a summary of our journey:

I had been striving for 18 months to get my son David into the right placement, which would be able to meet his exhaustive list of needs. The relationship with David’s school had broken down. I felt the LA were supportive of the school and didn’t ‘hear’ my concerns and queries. At this point I had hit rock bottom. I then got in contact with SNAP Cymru and arranged a meeting via Teams with the LEA, school, SNAP and myself.    On the morning of the meeting, I was completing my list of points in preparation when my mobile phone started ringing.  Upon answering the phone, I heard a very unfamiliar, friendly strong valleys accent, it was Donna.   At this point I felt very anxious and apprehensive as David’s case was extraordinarily complex lengthy and in depth.

Donna amazed me with her expansive knowledge, she was highly informative, friendly, and helpful.   From that day forward my life changed for the better, for once I felt I had a chance to get David the provision his needs warrants.  What followed over the next few weeks can only be described as an informative journey, that I will not forget.

Donna worked tirelessly on my case, educating me, informing me about  statement content, panels, processes and transitions.  Donna very much became one of my rocks.  

Donna’s passion, determination and knowledge coupled with her superb people skills, complete professionalism and friendly demeanour completely shined through during every conversation, meeting, and email.

 Thanks to Donna:

  • I have a better understanding of statement process.
  • A passion has been awoken in me to pursue a job within advocacy, to one day help parents like me.
  • David has been awarded the appropriate provision.

I do struggle to find the words which fully express my gratitude to Donna Morgan and SNAP Cymru. Without your service many families would be in dire situations.   Thank you Snap Cymru and Thank you Donna Morgan.

Best wishes

Bethan Bodman

We love hearing from our families. If you’d like to help more people like Bethan and David please get in touch with us at or follow the buttons below to find out how to volunteer or fundraise for us

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