SNAP Cymru celebrated the launch our bilingual website by hosting an event at the Pierhead in Cardiff Bay last week. The event was sponsored by Huw Lewis AM – Minister for Education and Skills, and Ruth Conway – Head of Additional Learning Needs Policy, spoke on his behalf. is a Welsh bilingual website that went live at the beginning of this month. The site provides key information for parents and young people in on various aspects of Additional Learning Needs; helping children and young people to reach their potential by ensuring families have independent information, advice and support. The website has been built by Galactig, a North Wales based, bilingual digital creative agency. The translation was provided by Cymen.

SNAP trustee, Huw Roberts, hosted the event and gave an overview of SNAP’s work.

Nia Frobisher and Rebecca Bartle, young volunteers for SNAP Cymru, spoke in Welsh and English they explained how the new website meets the need for a bilingual and flexible online platform that can work across all devices whether, smartphone, tablet or laptop. They also outlined how this reflects SNAP’s commitment to provide accessible, reliable and accurate information to every family in their chosen language and highlighted the websites ability to share articles, news and feedback through facebook, twitter, newsletter and interactive pages. SNAP Cyrmu’s unique Wmff! website and app was also showcased. Nia is currently studying law at King’s College London where her work includes communicating to young people their legal rights while Rebecca is hoping to study Social Anthropology at University.

Nicola Coleman, a parent of a child with special needs, from Caerphilly, proceeded to provide a very moving speech on the personal impact of the organisation’s work. She left the audience in no doubt that the need and importance of both concise information and a simple and clear message for parents who encounter so much advice from different angles, was invaluable in meeting her child’s individual needs. She also made clear how important this is for empowering both parents and children so they can live their lives to their full potential. For her own son this means enjoying himself like any other 11 year old; a simple but very important ability.

This was followed with an overview of the sites features and benefits by Sarah Clements, SNAP’s Training and Information Co-ordinator, highlighting its responsiveness, quick access to information, accessible and easy to use format.

And our final speaker was Ruth Conway. She described the websites importance in the context of new statutory reforms for additional learning needs in Wales and SNAP’s part in this process.