Changes in our service provision

SNAP Cymru will continue to provide services during the Corona Virus outbreak and review this daily following advice and announcements from Public Health Wales

Most offices will be closed as we are following PHW and government advice regarding self-isolation and working from home in order to protect high risk staff and to contribute to the attempt to slow down the rate of transmission. 

We have secure referral system on our website and helpline will continue as normal, as will all SNAP Cymru services.

Our organisation is well resourced and has developed excellent IT systems to enable remote working for all staff and volunteers.

Our CMS is cloud based and secured to safe harbour standards and our staff have smart phones and laptops to continue to provide services. 

Our staff have all received Data protection training and are aware of our Lone working and Working from Home policies

We will be able to offer advice, support and casework over the phone, by electronic methods and if safe to do so, face to face. Throughout this crisis staff and volunteers will do their utmost to help vulnerable families alongside our statutory and third sector colleagues, sharing information, resources and expertise.

We have an internal intranet which hosts a library of information that can be shared with staff, professionals and families

Our IT department is initiating all means possible for video conferencing and file sharing including Microsoft Team etc

We will be keeping in close contact with our LA’s and with the SENTW and responding to their contingencies

Front line face to face services are now extremely limited however, there are many ways SNAP Cymru can continue to support people

  • We have a dedicated helpline which is staffed from 9.30 – 4.30 daily.  This is based on a rota system of our all Wales staff team and supported by a team of volunteers. 
  •  All staff have smart phones and laptops.  Our staff are having regular contact with their clients to reduce stress and anxiety
  • We are providing advice and self-help guides and templates to families and professionals as well as access to our website of resources and ongoing signposting to good practice and advice via our Facebook
  • Our key working staff are diarising phone calls on their outlook calendar’s as they would visits to ensure that all families receive contact.

Response in the event of serious concerns over people in our caseload.

All Staff to review their cases for any serious concerns and to update Line Managers with concerns in line with our usual safeguarding procedures.  Any families that our Officers feel are particularly vulnerable will be brought to the AD’s attention for additional help

Our contingency plans if staffing levels are significantly depleted

We have an all Wales team and local volunteers who can provide helpline advice and support.  A degree of cover for face to face/ essential meetings in line with public health guidlines.

Identified exit routes for those still needing support that we are unable to continue to work with

  • Staff are identifying self-help materials to share with families directly and social media. Hard copy will be made available for families without good access to a mobile and or printer
  • We are providing alternative caseworkers where necessary e.g.staff sickness.
  • We also want to ensure people are enabled to make informed choices so we will be sharing important announcements from Public Health Wales through social media and one to one discussions

Help SNAP Cymru could provide in the wider response to the crisis

  • SNAP Cymru will be flexible, forward thinking and responsive to the needs of families in each Local Authority. Senior staff will liaise with lead professionals to respond to coordinated efforts to meet local needs. 
  • We will seek funding for practical resources for families and to possibly fund  the  extension of the telephone services we offer. Listening, supporting, and giving appropriate advice.  
  • Now that school premises and settings are mostly closed we will be offering suggestions for families to help deal with the stress and anxiety that is happening right now and are particularly vigilant regarding safeguarding. A listening ear from a trusted source to calm some of the worry and stress.
  • Where projects are supporting families through Early Help Key working SNAP Cymru are offering tips with behaviour management and anxiety but also practical support with the completion of benefit requests and other paperwork.
  • A diarised rota is being kept for close contact with families
  • Staff and volunteers will do all they can throughout the crisis within public health guidance