In January 2013 the Education Minister announced the appointment of Robert Hill to undertake a review of the future delivery of education services in Wales. It focused on looking at the effectiveness of the current education delivery at school and local authority level, and consideration of what should be undertaken at school, local authority, regional and national level with a focus on; raising standards and improving learner outcomes at all ages; better support and challenge to schools to improve standards; developing and strengthening the leadership of schools and the quality of teaching and learning, ensuring value for money and effective use of resources and bringing about coherence between all areas of the education system, including post-16 provision and the wider children’s services agenda.
The completed Hill report presents a wide range of options for consideration by the Welsh Ministers covering five areas:
• improving classroom teaching and learning
• strengthening school leadership
• increasing school partnership
• improving accountability
• organising school improvement.
This paper invites comment, and whether you agree or disagree with the views and options put forward in the report on the future delivery of education services in Wales. The consultation has now ended.

SNAP Cymru believe that helping children with SEN to achieve is fundamental to sustaining improvements in schools’ performance. We would encourage parents to read the Consultation document and the Hill report and let us know what you think at

SNAP Cymru’s response to the consultation, which has been informed by families’ first-hand experience, can be read here.