SNAP Cymru has always believed in partnership working.  Whether through government initiatives or through Third sector partnerships, we have always strengthened our ability to plan and deliver successful services for children and young people with additional learning needs by working with others.   

Working together helps us to support many more children, young people and families.  Working together means we can raise funds, share expertise, skills and reputation and help meet priorities for Welsh families, whether that’s by improving children and young peoples experience and opportunities, improving the skills of young people and families or ensuring people receive the help they need to when they need it

Who would have thought we would be living through a pandemic. None of us expected it and none of us were prepared, for many children and families it has been frightening and emotionally jarring time. 

Coronavirus restrictions has left many feeling  ‘extremely isolated and without access to services and support.  Closures and reductions of education, health and provision during the pandemic also increased the pressures on families who say they were already struggling to cope beforehand. 

Our team and volunteers have been able to continue to offer important emotional and practical support to families throughout this crisis, but we couldn’t have done his without the support of our partners.  Funding has also meant we have worked remotely with children and young people to help improve their wellbeing, help elevate their worries and help them be better prepared to manage change and uncertainty.

We are particularly grateful to the following, who’s generous funding has meant we can continue to respond to ensure children and families are actively involved in decisions and to help elevate family worries about future planning and provision for their children.

ICF Covid response Capital Grant

Third Sector Capital Investment Fund 2020

Comic Relief Voluntary Services Emergency Fund (VSEF)

Equipment bought with this generous funding continues to make a difference to many families in Bridgend ,The Vale and Wrexham. Thank you so much.

“You’ve been doing a fantastic job all the way through lockdown and now in these very strange times have been so supportive. The regular contact has been so helpful even though we haven’t been able to do much knowing there is someone there I can use as a sounding board is amazing. I don’t feel alone with this and that means a lot.” Parent

“I am writing this to express my gratitude to SNAP Cymru in these unusual times, for being so caring and supportive. It has truly helped me and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them.  SNAP Cymru have helped me feel supported with regular phone calls, vitual meetings and offering help wherever I needed and wherever it was possible” Parent