This new project will provide a holistic bilingual service in a comfortable atmosphere for young parents in Gwynedd. The project seeks to address the lack of provision in disadvantaged and rural areas of the county by trying to emulate some of the principles of the Flying Start program. The will be 3 main partners in the project and by working in a consortium a variety of services and support will be offered. We will draw on the expertise of existing services to support this project. GISDA, Domestic Violence South Wales and SNAP Cymru are experienced in working with young people in their own fields.

In this innovative project, 3 peer mentors will be employed to work with the project officer to provide training, group and 1:1 sessions.

The project will also provide funding towards the cost of childcare when needed. It is a relatively small amount that is earmarked for this but we are keen that this funding will be prioritized for the most vulnerable young parents, giving priority to young parents who remain in full-time education at school. We would complete a brief assessment and then allocate the case to the Family advisor in that area. We will use our simple review system ‘STAR’ to monitor the development of the young parent during their service.

Our intention through the project will be to ensure that more young parents and their children in the county receive more holistic support that is tailored to their needs, which also reaches those in rural areas and thereby reduces isolation and increases durability. We wish to do preventative work i.e. support young parents before they feel they cannot cope so they do not need further service.