Jack’s Experience as a Trustee

I first encountered SNAP Cymru when I needed support as a child during my education. SNAP made sure that both myself, and my family were equipped to secure the adjustments that I needed to complete my qualifications. 

Towards the end of my educational journey, I volunteered some time to SNAP to learn more about the system, gain experience in an office environment, but also to continue to support the amazing work that SNAP do. 

I now volunteer as an NEC member (Trustee) to support the services offered by SNAP that are so vital to young people in Wales, I felt I could provide some perspective as someone who has experience with several different aspects of the educational system. 

During my time working with the SNAP Team, I’ve learned a lot about how the ALN system works in Wales, and have gained many skills that I use every day in my current job. SNAP has helped me to gain confidence, to identify my main strengths and build upon any weaknesses in a safe and friendly environment.

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