Telephone Helpline

If you cant find what you need on our website, you can get in touch with our helpline team.  Contacting us in this way means you will have access to a trained and experienced advisor who will give you independent, accurate and confidential advice and support.

The information and advice line is available Monday – Friday 9.30 am – 4.30 pm.

We can:

  • help by listening to your concerns
  • providing you with reliable and impartial information
  • by providing information on how Special Educational Needs are identified and assessed by schools and the local authority
  • help you prepare for meetings and help you decide what questions to ask
  • help you understand the paperwork
  • and help you communicate with the school and local authorities to  resolve disagreements early on

0808 801 0608

Most families and young people find they can sort out particular issues following the advice given.  You can return as many times as you like about a particular issue or any others that arise.

ALN Enquiry Form

If you’d prefer you can fill in the secure ALN Enquiry / Referral form below if you would like specific help and advice for your child. One of our trained advisers will send you a reply by email or if required refer you to the casework service. We aim to provide you with the relevant information within five working days. Please read our Privacy Statement before completing. 

Book an appointment with a helpline advisor

You can also book an appointment with an advisor for information and next step advice.   Call back appointments are added to the Helpline calendar up to one month in advance.

By clicking on your chosen date all available slots for our helpline for that day will be shown in hour slots. Each slot with an advisor will last for 45 minutes. If the time your are wanting is not showing, you will need to click on another date.  Welsh speaking advisors are available – you should indicate this on the information submitted – a Welsh speaking advisor will call you back.

When booking an appointment, you will be asked to complete a Parent Information Form, this will be shared with the advisor before your appointment.

The information you provide will be kept confidential, and we will not share your name or personal information with anyone else.

By using SNAP Cymru’s  Advice Line booking system, you are agreeing to the terms of our Privacy policy


Some issues will require ongoing support from our casework team.  If this is the case, you will be referred from the advisor to your local Family and Young People casework officer


Professionals contacting on behalf of families should support families to  self-refer.  If a parent is unable to self-refer professionals must have the parent’s explicit consent to complete a referral on their behalf. Professionals can also contact for general information and advice.

You can refer by completing the secure online referral form above.

We also work with schools, colleges Local Authorities and other agencies to help them develop positive relationships with parents.  We are happy to provide information sessions and information points for schools and colleges. See our training pages for further information.

There’s lots of tips and advice in our FAQs section below on a wide range of topics and problems.

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