The quality of our training is widely recognised and draws upon local and national guidance and experience gained from over 35 years of working in partnership with parents and professionals.

 Our Training:

• Helps Parents and Carers become more confident in supporting their child and in working with the practitioners they meet

• Helps professionals develop their settings and their practice to become more inclusive for individuals with additional needs

• Encourages people to work collaboratively on behalf of children and young people

• Helps develop a high quality and skilled Welsh workforce.

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    Why Choose Our Courses?

    • We are passionate about HOW you learn and ensure our training courses are stimulating and above all enjoyable. You will be taught by experts in the field

    • Training is as interactive as possible. This is backed up with presentations and discussions to deliver relevant information in an easy to digest format with well-designed supporting materials

    • In evaluation100% of participants said they would recommend our training to others

    • Courses are friendly, informal and run in small groups. This gives you plenty of opportunity to discuss individual issues, problems and solutions with both the tutors and other participants

    • Attending a SNAP Cymru course allows you to ‘tap into’ a wealth of experience and support and ongoing support is available from our development teams across Wales

    • Because no one individual or organisation is the same, we make sure that all our training is tailored to fit. We also provide in-house training or we can design a complete course to suit your requirements

    • We offer very competitive prices for our courses

    Our Clients Include:

    • Parents, Foster Carers and Young People

    • Health Professionals, Social Workers, Youth Offending Teams and Careers Advisors

    • Specialist Teachers, SENCO’s and Learning Support Assistants

    • Local Authorities and Public Services Ombudsman for Wales

    • Early Year’s Providers, Health Visitors and Portage Workers

    • Service Managers, Head Teachers and School Governors

    • Third Sector Employees, Volunteers and Students


    Training for Youth Offending Services throughout Wales on behalf of the Welsh Government in 2010 -100% of 89 participants said the training would:

    ‘Have a positive impact on their work with young people’

    Training for Careers Wales Gwent on ALN and Disability in 2012 – 100% of the 45 Careers Advisors said:

    ‘It helped them focus on the most effective ways of supporting clients with ALN and Disability.’

    Diversity Training City and County of Swansea April 2010 – 100% rated the training as ‘excellent’; ‘Lovely program and well organised’; ‘challenged preconceptions’ and ‘gave a lot to take away.’

    Our existing courses are designed to meet the needs of a variety of individuals, practitioners and organisations. They can be delivered at a venue of your choice or at one of SNAP Cymru’s training venues. We can also develop or modify a course specifically to meet your needs.

    If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us:

    Our normal charges range from £60-£120 per person per course.

    Group discounts and concessions are also available for partner organisations.

    Cancellations or postponement can only be accepted in writing.

    Should SNAP Cymru cancel an event a full refund will be made.

    Should delegates cancel or postpone the following charges apply:

    • 22 days or more — no fee
    • 15 – 21 days prior to event — 50% of course fee
    • 14 days or less, or failure to attend — 100% of course fee

    Agored Cymru Accreditation – take credit for your learning!

    Success now, and in the future, is about learning. By gaining credits for your learning you are doing exactly that. Over 800,000 people registered on Agored Cymru (formally Open College Network Wales) courses last year, so you are in good company! Agored recognise and accredit courses covering all aspects of education and training. SNAP Cymru work alongside Agored Cymru to award nationally recognised certificates of achievement using their system of credits.

    Levels of attainment:

    • Level One is comparable to NVQ1, Foundation GNVQ and GCSE grades D-G. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have completed the equivalent of one whole GCSE, but that you are working at an equivalent level of achievement. This represents the development of foundation skills and the acquisition of basic learning skills.
    • Level Two is comparable to NVQ2, Intermediate GNVQ and GCSE grades A* – C. Once again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have completed the equivalent of one whole GCSE, but that you are working at an equivalent level of achievement.
    • Level Three This represents the use of skills and competences independently and analytically. It demonstrates that you are working at a level equivalent to NVQ three or A level. Most learners hoping to access Higher Education seek to achieve credits at level three.
    • Level Four is comparable to the skill and competency level of a HNC.

    Credit Value:

    Credit – The standard unit of measurement used by Agored to indicate volume and breadth of learning. All learning achievement is described in terms of ‘credit’. The number of credits indicates the volume of learning for which the Agored definition is used. 1 Credit is equivalent to 10 hours of learning (including your portfolio building or any work you do independently).

    How will my work be assessed?

    During your course, your tutor will help you to document your achievement by supporting you to produce pieces of work (assessment tasks). They may take the format of worksheets or practical tasks. These will be put together in a folder, along with testimonies from the tutor and/or other learners stating that you have achieved certain assessment criteria. You will always be made aware of the assessment tasks and your tutor will always help you to achieve your potential. More information can be found in our Access to Fair Assessment Policy.

    If you are unsure about any of the assessments, or you have specific learning requirements/learning barriers, please do not hesitate to speak to your tutor about this as we will endeavour to adjust the tasks to suit your needs (see the Access to Fair Assessment and Equality and Diversity policies for further information on special arrangements and considerations).

    What can I do with my credits?

    Agored credits are generally accepted as a means of entry to further study by further and higher education providers and by a large number of employers and trainers. You can use your credits to demonstrate your achievements and prove that you have knowledge and skills in a wide range of subjects. Depending on which level of course you take, you can use the credits to progress onto other courses. Contact your local colleges and speak to them about what opportunities are open to you.

    Will I receive a certificate?

    Yes, once your portfolio has been assessed by your tutor and checked by an internal verifier, SNAP Cymru will recommend that Agored issues a certificate which will be forwarded to you. Please note that this process can take several weeks.

    SNAP Cymru is committed to providing learners with the opportunity to achieve and our training provision is fair and equal ensuring that, wherever possible, all learners with the relevant skills, knowledge and understanding can have their achievement recognised’. We hope you will take this opportunity to have your achievement rewarded.

    We welcome feedback from all of our learners any concerns are usually resolved informally, however, for further information please see the SNAP Cymru.

    Assessment Appeals Procedure data Protection and Complaints Policy.

    We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our learners. We may collect, store and use information you provide us for the purpose of registering with AGORED Cymru along with any other information that you choose to send to us which may relate to your learning, such as access needs and prior qualifications.

    We will not collect data or other material that cannot legitimately be shown to be related directly or indirectly to the registration of learners. Personal information submitted to us will only be used for the purposes specified in this statement.  For further information please see the SNAP Cymru Training Data Protection Policy on this training page and the AGORED Cymru Learner Privacy Statement

    We will always inform you of this when you register for an accredited course and we will always ask for your consent

    We wish you every success!

    • Attending a SNAP Cymru course allows you to ‘tap into’ a wealth of experience and support – the training helped me focus on the most effective ways of supporting my clients with ALN and Disability.

      Careers Officer - ALN and Disability Training
    • The training was excellent’; a lovely program and well organised, it challenged my preconceptions and gave a lot to take away.

      YMCA Project Worker - Diversity Training
    • A very balanced course which was accessible for both parents and professionals, the delivery was outstanding.

      Social Worker – Key Working Training
    • The most valued thing I have done is the SEN course this has allowed me to understand my rights has a parent.

      Parent – Understanding SEN Training

    About Us

    SNAP Cymru is a Registered Charity providing nationally recognised training accredited by Agored Cymru. Our training unit was established to compliment our Parent Partnership Service and provide the most relevant and interesting training for people who work to improve outcomes for children and young people in Wales. The quality of our training is widely recognised and draws upon local and national guidance and experience gained from 28 years of working in partnership with parents and professionals. We have existing partnership arrangements with both Local Authority and Welsh Government funded initiatives such as Early Support Wales/Children in Wales

    As an approved centre with Agored Cymru we have produced and maintain strict policies and procedures relating to all aspects of our training operations and continuously improve these standards in consultation with partners, trainers and awarding bodies. During our last quality review we had no non-compliance issues and were commended on the quality of our assessment tools and administration systems.