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Parent Partnership Service to come to an end:Dear Pembrokeshire Parents and ProfessionalsI am very sorry to have to inform you that the face to face service provided to families throughout Pembrokeshire has had its funding terminated by Pembrokeshire County Council as of the last day of July 2015. We are advised that PCC has decided to provide the service ‘in house’. We will, of course, seek funding to re-instate this service in the future.We are naturally concerned and disappointed with this decision. It has been our pleasure and privilege to successfully work with the children and families in Pembrokeshire for many years. We know that our service has been valued by families and professionals. We pride ourselves in the delivery of quality accurate neutral advice to parents, young people and professionals.I wish to assure you that you and others may still access our HelpCentre services through our web pages and our Telephone Helpline which operates between 9.30 and 4.30 on working weekdays. This service is staffed by trained operators able to provide the accurate, neutral advice that you have become accustomed to.Please ring 0845 120 37 30 from landlines and contract mobilesor 0345 120 37 30 from pay as you go mobilesWe regret that without funding we will not be able to provide face to face services, attend meetings, support schools or offer advocacy. We will not be able to constructively challenge practice where there are concerns expressed but we can empower others to do this.Parents are entitled to an Independent Parental Supporter to have access to information advice and guidance in relation to the Special Educational Needs of their children so that they can make appropriate informed decisions. Access to an Independent Parental Supporter should be made available to all parents who want one.Families or young people may also request an Independent Advocate for children excluded from school or wishing to appeal to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal Wales.Please contact Nichola Jones or Diane Beacroft of the Inclusion Unit at Pembrokeshire County Council.Head of InclusionPennaeth CynhwysiantCounty Hall / Neuadd y SirHaverfordwest / HwlfforddPembrokeshire / Sir BenfroSA61 1TPExternal / Allannol: 01437 775094 (Internal / Mewnol 5094)Email / Ebost: regardsDenise Inger – Chief Executive Director22 18 83

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