Booking a Telephone Helpline Appointment

Call back appointments are made available by our advisers and are added to the  Helpline calendar,  these are released up to one month in advance.

By clicking on your chosen date all available slots for our helpline for that day will be shown in hour slots.

Each slot with an advisor will last for 45 minutes. If the time your are wanting is not show, you will need to click on another date.

Welsh speaking advisors are available – you should indicate this on the information submitted.


If there are no slots available you can:

  • call our helpline in the usual way on 0808 801 0608. (Our THL advisors can also help you book a call back appointment)
  • You can also submit an ALN enquiry form from our website contact page once submitted you will receive an electronic reply from an advisor within 72 hours.


When booking an appointment, you will be asked to complete a Parent Information Form, this will be shared with the advisor before your appointment.   

The information you provide will be kept confidential, and we will not share your name or personal information with anyone else.

By using SNAP Cymru’s  Advice Line booking system, you are agreeing to the terms of our Privacy policy