SNAP Cymru’s Independent advocacy service provides: information, advice, advocacy, representation and support to children and young people with ALN. Advocacy is crucial in ensuring their wishes and views are heard at all times, safeguarding children and young people and empowering them to speak up for themselves. 

SNAP Cymru have adopted the following core principles –

  • Our advocates work for children and young people and no one else.
  • Our advocates value and respect children and young people as individuals.
  • Our advocates work to ensure that children and young people can understand what is happening to them, can make their views known and, where possible exercise choice when decisions about them and their future are being made.
  • Our advocates help children and young people raise issues and concerns about things they are unhappy about. This will also include making formal and informal complaints under Section 26 of The Children’s Act 1989.
  • Children and young people’s active participation in the information gathering, planning and decision making process can help to avoid disagreements and conflict.

We can support a child or young person to understand the relevant processes to understand their rights and provide reliable impartial information to help them understand their options and make informed decisions. 

When can a young person get advocate?

  • If a young person feels their views are not being listened to and want someone on your side
  • If they are unhappy with the way they are being cared for
  • If they are angry or upset about something that is happening to them
  • If they feel they haven’t been treated fairly
  • If no one is telling them what is happening about their situation
  • To help them take part in meetings and reviews
  • To help young people make decisions at times of transition from school to college
  • If they want to make a complaint, make a claim of discrimination or an appeal to the tribunal.
  • If they need a ‘Case Friend’ to support them with an appeal or claim
  • If they lack capacity – some people will not be able to make decisions. This is called lacking capacity. (Parents lacking in capacity can also have an advocate from SNAP Cymru).

To make a request to the advocacy service please use the form below:

If you’re interested in volunteering for SNAP Cymru as a Children and Young People’s Advocacy Volunteer you can apply using our online form: