Our Brand New SNAP Cymru Website

Our Brand New SNAP Cymru Website

Since being founded in 1986, SNAP Cymru has been continuously evolving and developing to suit family’s and children’s needs, and our latest development is no different. 

We believe that good quality information can help children, young people and their families know what to expect and to make informed decisions.

SNAP Cymru’s website has had a complete remake and we are confident that it will offer extra support to people needing at this critical time.

 So what is so different about the new site? 

The new site is packed full of information and is still being developed and improved over the coming weeks , we hope it will become an essential tool for our families.  

Along with information about us and how you can support us through volunteering and fundraising, the new website will packed with information for families and professionals which will:

  • introduce the new ALN System
  • outlines what difference it makes for children, their parents, and young people
  • describes the legal role of Individual Development Plans
  • explains the new way of working, including rights and responsibilities
  • the disagreement resolution process
  • and set out when and how children and young people will move to the new system on a phased basis over the next 3 years.

Users can now expect an even faster response time and more accessible online service, a site more structured and simpler to use.  Unlike many other websites, the information on the site is just one part of the quality advice and support families get from SNAP Cymru, and families will be able to book a direct appointment for advice through the website. 

And of course it is completely bilingual.  This is incredibly important to us as it means that Welsh speakers around the country continue to take full advantage of SNAP Cymru’s website in the language of their choice. 

“Over the years, we have found that parents’ confidence in the special educational needs system was often undermined by unclear communication and a lack of detailed information. With the changes the ALN system and the law, the demand for our specialist support is higher than ever, which makes access to quality early information even more important. We are confident that our new website will be a reliable and impartial source of information for families across Wales and I’m delighted to announce it will be launching very soon”

Amanda Daniels, Joint CEO